Each product is developed with the customer in mind, so it is essential to ensure the protection and security of the customer through efficient brake systems. This security is a product of investments in new technologies, the latest machines, trained professionals, and above all, commitment to do the best job possible. Controil uses the most advanced processes in product development, production, sales, engineering, quality, human resources and controlling. The standards of the ISO9001 certification are always applied in the Brake Unit and the TS 16949 certification in the Polymers Unit.

In 52 years on the market, the company has become specialized in the development of products for hydraulic brake systems: master cylinders, wheel and clutch, brake servos, repair parts, reservoirs, among others. Controil is also dedicated to creating solutions in polymer products used in the assembly of vehicles, domestic appliances and refrigeration. In 2010, further enhancing its line, the company launched aftermarket air filter hoses—products with quality and performance equivalent to the original components.

For Controil, quality is everything. With it we ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee the continuity of our business. So, when thinking about safety, ask for the leader. Ask for Controil.

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