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  • 284/2020

    Controil is manufacturing items for Facial Protectors to be onated to Health and Safety Professionals

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    Initiatives to build solutions collaboratively have gained increasing importance in the current scenario. Among the various movements of union with other institutions, both public and private, in the face of Covid-19, Randon Companies are mobilized to manufacture face shield masks. In this project, led by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), the company will provide two fundamental pieces for the assembly of these items, intended for health and safety professionals working in the frontline. At this first moment, about 50,000 units of each piece will be produced.

    Controil, controlled by Fras-le, one of Randon's companies, adapted its plastic injection process for the production of the plastic front support of the masks and the elastics used in the fitting of protectors. Located in São Leopoldo (RS) and operating with hydraulic brake systems and polymers, the unit is the only one in the group with the necessary technology to produce plastic and rubber parts. Recyclable materials are being used to manufacture both the front support and the elastic of the masks. The adaptation of Controil's manufacturing line was a partnership with IMER, a company from Porto Alegre (RS) that built free of charge the tool that allows the manufacture of parts for the mask.

    The front support and the elastic produced by Controil are delivered to other partner companies of the project, which assemble the facial protection masks with voluntary support from the Armed Forces. The finished products, a total of 190,000 pieces, are being donated to hospital institutions and to the Civil Defense of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.


    Photo: Vagner Marchiniak

  • 193/2020

    Randon Companies' Positioning on Prevention Measures to Help Combat Covid-19

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    Randon Companies, aware of the social and economic role they play in the communities where they operate, work on preventive actions that help combat the proliferation of Covid-19. Since January, when the cases started in China, the issue has been addressed, including the fact that Fras-le, one of the administrated companies of Randon Companies, has a unit in that country.


    The company understands that the moment is one of care and commitment to the health and well-being of its employees and the communities where they are present. Therefore, as of this Wednesday, March 18, for the units located in the Brazilian territory, new procedures are being added to the many already adopted:


    Home office


    It has already been used as an alternative for employees who have returned from travel and are in home guard. It can now be extended to the following situations:


    People over 60 whose function allows them to act remotely.


    Employees who have no one to leave their children with - be it the mother or father (in case the child's school has closed). Cases are being evaluated one by one by the managers.


    Individual vacations


    This criterion will be adopted when there is no possibility of the employee acting in a home office and he is in at least one of the groups below:


    People over 60 years old even if they are healthy.


    Employees with school-age children who have no one to leave them with, as assessed by the manager - be it the mother or father.


    Sensitive group


    Randon Companies have adopted a risk group a little wider than the one oriented by the World Health Organization (WHO), because they believe that there are other audiences that need to be looked at more closely. This public has the following characteristics:


    People over 60 years old even if they are healthy.


    People who are immunosuppressed, asthmatic, hypertensive, cardiac, diabetic, smokers, have cancer or pregnant women, regardless of age. For these, what is indicated is that, in case of doubts, consult their doctors for evaluation - the company has its own health service available. The company will follow medical advice.


    The company continues with its operations, manufacturing activities and responsibilities, contributing to maintain local and global economic sustainability, with the operation of relevant sectors of the entire production chain, such as transportation, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as occurring in other countries, which continue with manufacturing activities.


    Randon Companies also clarify the main measures taken since January in this matter:


    A preventive campaign against respiratory infections;


    Availability of a prevention kit (antibacterial gel, disposable tissues, and masks) before trips;


    Sending masks and thermometers to employees in China (Case of Fras-le’s unit in China);


    Home isolation for professionals who have returned from international trips, or from Brazilian cities where there is already local transmission, and medical follow-up as needed;


    Cancellation of international trips, a measure established since the beginning of March.


    National and regional trips are restricted, especially in cases of cities where there is local contagion;


    Face-to-face meetings, such as meetings and training sessions are being replaced by videoconferences;


    Cancellation or postponement of internal and external events held by Randon companies;


    Increase in the supply of antibacterial gel for employees, mainly in restaurants, accesses and changing rooms;


    Reinforcement in the sanitation of shared spaces, such as bathrooms, changing rooms, restaurants and employee transport vehicles;


    Restricted access for face-to-face visits in companies;


    Periodic dissemination of information and guidelines on Covid-19 prevention;


    Anticipation of the vaccination campaign against H1N1 flu, which, although it does not prevent Covid-19, but helps in the correct diagnosis.


    In the case of determinations by public, municipal or state authorities that require different actions, the company will adapt. The same criterion is used, when necessary, for units in other countries.


    The company knows and accompanies, together with the medical teams, the workers who present some type of symptoms, as well as other contexts that can affect their equipment. They still have committees to study additional precautionary actions or that are accompanying the scenario so that measures can be taken effectively at the necessary speed.



    Updated on March 18, 2020 at 1:30pm. 

    Photo: Magrão Scalco

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