Ser reconhecida como uma das líderes, com faturamento de R$200 MM até
2023, com sustentabilidade.


Criar valor aos acionistas, clientes, funcionários, sociedade e fornecedores, atuando em sistema de freio e polímeros.


Value and respect PEOPLE.

Adhere to a code of ethics, integrity and reliability.

Satisfy CLIENTS.

Strive for PROFITABILITY with SUSTAINABILITY, a means of perpetuation.

Commit to SAFETY and QUALITY.

Have competitive TECHNOLOGY.

Preserve our heritage and REPUTATION.

Work together as a Randon team.

Quality Policy

"For Randon company autoparts division, a person's well-being is valued above other priorities of the company, so no situation of emergency, production or performance should endanger the health or safety of people. We believe that the preservation of the environment,  and the quality of our products and services are the means to sustain our value." Based on our business, mission, vision and principles, the Randon company have estabilished the following guidelines:

 » Ensure the safety and well-being of people, as well as the prevention of pollution and protection of the enviroment.

» Ensure compliance with legislation, standards and other requirements applicable to the organization.

» Provide quality and safety in the application of our products and services throughout the entire value stream.

» Promote people's development and boost effective management of resources.

» Improve processes and products on a continuous basis, ensuring the sustainability of the organization.

» Have competitive and innovative technology.